Business Continuity Plan Policy - $375.00


The purpose of this Business Continuity Plan Policy Template (otherwise know as a BCP/Disaster Recovery Policy) is to address the business continuity plan of a bank, credit union, or other type of financial institution to ensure the availability of critical financial services. This template helps to ensure that an organization's business operations are resilient and the effects of disruptions in service are minimized in order to maintain public trust and confidence, and to maintain and recover business processes when operations have been disrupted unexpectedly.

Table of Contents

Purpose and Contents - Topic 1
Introduction - Topic 2
Identified Internal and External Risks - Topic 3
Policy Description, Authority and Scope - Topic 4
Continuity of Management - Topic 5
Organization and Responsibilities - Topic 6
Internal and External Communication - Topic 7
Incident Response and Preparedness Policy - Topic 8
Business Resumption Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment - Topic 9
Interdependencies - Topic 10
Management Resumption Team - Topic 11
Accounting Resumption Team - Topic 12
Administrative Resumption Team - Topic 13
Lending Resumption Team - Topic 14
Operations Resumption Team - Topic 15
Data Processing Business Continuity Plan - Topic 16
Information Systems Business Continuity Plan - Topic 17
Risk Monitoring and Testing - Topic 18
Employee Injuries and First Aid - Topic 19
Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Procedures - Topic 20
Earthquake Safety Procedures - Topic 21
Civil Disturbance Safety Procedures - Topic 22
Fire Safety Procedures - Topic 23
Explosion Safety Procedures - Topic 24
Weather Disturbances - Topic 25
Evacuation Procedures - Topic 26
Key and Combination Code Lists - Topic 27
Contact Lists - Topic 28

Includes the following form templates:
Business Continuity Plan Acknowledgment of Receipt (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Disclosure Statement (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Distribution Register (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Policy Maintenance Form (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Team Phone List (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Test Preparation Worksheet (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Test Results Evaluation Form (1 page)
Business Continuity Plan Testing Checklist (1 page)
Information Systems Incident Response Procedures Checklist (9 pages)

Recent updates to this product:
01/02/18 Update
Joint Release - Presidential Declaration of a Major Disaster
07/05/17 Update
Use of SSAE 18 Reports
10/03/16 Update
Federal Regulators Release Revised Information Systems Security Booklet
07/05/16 Update
Cybersecurity of Interbank Messaging and Wholesale Payment Network
12/01/15 Update
FFIEC Release Statement on Cyber-Attacks Involving Extortion

This Business Continuity Plan Policy Template (approximately 204 pages) is available to purchase from in Microsoft® Word format for $375.00.

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