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The purpose of this Corporate Governance Policy Template is to outline the corporate governance framework of a financial institution that leads the strategic direction and controls of the organization which, in general, focuses on relationships, policies, and processes that provide strategic direction and controls for the entity.  This corporate governance process is the foundation for a financial institution's safe and sound operations, and is necessary to remain profitable, competitive, and resilient through changing economic and market conditions.  As such, a financial institution’s corporate governance framework is to be functionally sound and appropriate for the size, complexity, and risk profile of the organization.

Table of Contents

Purpose and Contents - Topic 1
Policy Statement - Topic 2
General Overview - Topic 3
Banking Laws, Rulings and Regulations - Topic 4
Board of Directors – General Responsibilities - Topic 5
Board of Directors – Individual Director Responsibilities - Topic 6
Board of Directors – Committees - Topic 7
Board of Directors – Communications - Topic 8
Board of Directors - Composition and Selection Process - Topic 9
Board of Directors - Director Independence - Topic 10
Board of Directors - Meeting Guidelines - Topic 11
Board of Directors - Selection of Executive Officers - Topic 12
Board of Directors - Self Examination and Assessment - Topic 13
Board of Directors - Strategic and Profit Plans - Topic 14
Board of Directors – Training - Topic 15
Senior Management Responsibilities - Topic 16
Capitalization - Topic 17
Code of Ethics - Topic 18
Community Commitment - Topic 19
Compensation – General - Topic 20
Compensation - Annual Bonus Plan - Topic 21
Compensation - Board of Directors - Topic 22
Compensation and Evaluation - Chief Executive Officer - Topic 23
Compensation and Evaluation - Senior Management - Topic 24
Enterprise Wide Risk Management Program - Topic 25
Fidelity Bonds and Insurance - Topic 26
Stress Testing Program - Topic 27

Recent updates to this product:
08/01/18 Update
Joint Release - Agencies Issue Statement Regarding the Impact of the Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act
05/01/18 Update
FDIC Final Rule - Rescind Certain Capital Regulations
Basel III Capital Conversion Buffer/Other Key Regulatory Capital Requirements
03/05/18 Update
Final Rule - Testing and Conforming Changes to Stress Testing - OCC Bulletin 2018-4
12/04/17 Update
Background Investigations - OCC Bulletin 2017-52
09/01/16 Update
Corporate and Risk Governance - OCC Bulletin 2016-25
07/05/16 Update
Guidance for Assessing Risk Management at Supervised Institutions with Total Consolidated Assets Less than $50 Billion
01/04/16 Update
Financial Regulators Release Revised Management Booklet
10/01/15 Update
FDIC Supervisory Insights – Summer 2015

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