Product Updates March 2016 is providing you with these product updates as a courtesy to all of our clients. If you have any questions, please contact us.

New and Revised Policy Templates

Credit Card Policy Template – NEW!

This new product was developed in response to client requests and OCC Bulletin 2015-41 issued on 11/04/15 that announced a revised Credit Card Lending Booklet which incorporates statutes and regulations, guidance, examination procedures, and standards for assessing and managing the risks associated with credit card lending activities.

Country Risk Management Program Policy Template

This product was revised in response to OCC Bulletin 2016-4 issued on 02/12/16 that announced a revised Country Risk Management Booklet that includes guidance related to board and management oversight, policies and procedures, country exposure reporting system, country risk analysis process, country risk ratings, country exposure limits, monitoring country conditions, stress testing and integrated scenario planning, and independent risk management, internal controls, and audit.