Regulation W Policy - $175.00


The purpose of this Regulation W Policy Template is to address how a financial institution adheres to Regulation W - "Transactions between Member Banks and their Affiliates".  Sections 23A and 23B of the Federal Reserve Act are important statutory provisions designed to protect a financial institution from suffering losses in transactions with its affiliates.  They also limit the ability of a financial institution to transfer to its affiliates the subsidy arising from the financial institution’s access to the Federal safety net.

Table of Contents

Purpose and Contents - Topic 1
Policy Statement - Topic 2
Regulation W Background - Topic 3
Definitions - Topic 4
Subpart B - General Provisions of Section 23A - Topic 5
Subpart C - Valuation and Timing Principals of Section 23A - Topic 6
Subpart D - Other Requirements of Section 23A - Topic 7
Subpart E - Exemptions from the Provisions of Section 23A - Topic 8
Subpart F - General Provisions of Section 23B - Topic 9
Subpart G - Application to U.S. Banks and Agencies of Foreign Banks - Topic 10
Subpart H - Miscellaneous Interpretations - Topic 11
Subpart I - Savings Institutions - Transactions With Affiliates - Topic 12
Audit Policy - Topic 13
Staff Training - Topic 14
Retention of Records - Topic 15

This Regulation W Policy Template (approximately 28 pages) is available to purchase from in Microsoft® Word format for $175.00.

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