Bank to Bank Transfer Agreement Form - $50.00

Table of Contents

This product is designed to be an agreement between a financial institution and a customer which allows the customer to electronically transfer funds between the customer's account(s) at the financial institution and account(s) held at other financial institutions, credit unions, or brokerage companies. This product includes the following provisions:

Eligible Account Types
Ineligible Account Types
Account Verification
Access to Account Information for Non-Bank Accounts
Transfer Limits
Transfer Cut Off Times
Future Dated or Recurring Transfers
Money Market and Savings Account Transfer Limitations
Transfer Cancellation
Rejected Transactions
Credit Report Verification
Electronic Communication
Joint Account Tenancy Arrangements
Service Suspension and Reinstatement
Cancellation and Termination of Service
Error Resolution
Liability to Consumers
Liability to Non-Consumers
Exclusion of Warranties
Entire Agreement
Change in Terms
Governing Law
Authorized Signatures
Bank Use Only

The purpose of this form template is to be used as a customer agreement used by financial institutions to transfer funds between financial institutions.  This form template (approximately 6 pages) is available to purchase from in Microsoft® Word format for $50.00.

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