Product Update Program

Keep Your Policies Current

Want to ensure the policy or procedure template you purchase remains current? Your annual subscription to our Product Update Protection Plan ensures that you will automatically receive an updated version every time it is revised via e-mail within one year from the last date of purchase. This timely and cost-effective solution ensures that you stay on top of federal regulatory changes and industry recommended best practices.

Product Update Protection Plan

$50.00 per Year per Product

Package Product Update Protection Plan

$475.00 per Year per Package*

*Applies to clients who have purchased our Administrative, Compliance, Human Resources, Lending, or Operations Policy Template packages.  The price for the Package Product Update Protection Plan for the Complete Policy Template Package is $1,187.50.

When updates are made you will receive detailed information regarding why the product was updated and what has changed within the product in our Product Update Notification e-mail correspondence. This enables you to make an informed decision on whether to make any changes to the policy or procedure you implemented for your financial institution from the revised template.


Your Product Update Protection Plan will automatically renew annually on your subscription anniversary date and you will receive an invoice 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Existing Clients

Already purchased products from us and want to subscribe? Please send an e-mail to our address to subscribe or for a free quote.

NOTE: Discounts offered through our Legacy Regards, New Client, or Volume programs are not eligible.

These Product Update Protection Plans are effective February 2, 2015, supersede all previous update pricing listed on our website and e-mail communications from us, and apply to policy or procedure templates purchased directly from us within three years of the current date.

Find Out What's New or Revised

Our Product Update Program allows existing clients to receive e-mail notifications from us whenever we issue a new or revised product.

Not a subscriber but would like to be on our Product Update Notification List?  Please send an e-mail to our address requesting to be included in our distribution list.

Are you a current subscriber but are not receiving notifications from us?  Please ensure your SPAM filter is set to allow an e-mail originating from our address to successfully arrive in your mailbox.  Please contact us if you need technical assistance to ensure you receive these valuable communications from us.

Product Update Archives

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