Summit Financial Group, Inc. has been using your service for many years and have been extremely pleased with your products.  Not only are examiners impressed by the policies and the amount of content the policies have, but also they have pointed out areas of concern that our company was not aware existed.  Several years ago when I took over as the keeper of the policies, they were a mess.  Different writing styles, different fonts, bad grammar, the polices were missing needed information, and etc.  I was able to find your company and start the process of replacing our outdated and poorly inadequate policies.  One of the best qualities of your service is that you keep up with the regulatory changes so we do not have to, and you let us know why they have changed and what was changed within them.  As an example, the information technology-related policies alone would cost our company a full time person just to keep up with all the changes related to technology. I have recommended your services to many other bankers that have asked, “How do you keep up with all your policy changes” and I refer them to your service.  We plan to be a client of for many years to come.

Scott C. Jennings

Chief Operating Officer/Senior Vice President, Summit Financial Group, Inc., Moorefield, WV – Client Since 2003

GBank has used for many years now.  In fact, they helped us get regulatory approval during our de novo period in 2006.  Their products and services are always comprehensive and timely. Most importantly, their ongoing service and support has proven to be a truly valuable resource for our bank.

T. Ryan Sullivan

President and CEO, Bank of George, Las Vegas, NV – Client Since 2006

The policy templates are easy to use, completely detailed, and are updated on a timely basis when new regulatory guidance is available.  These policy templates not only meet the requirements of auditors and examiners, but they give Vantage Bank Texas a clear understanding of steps we can take to better protect our organization.  You will not find a better resource for policy templates than

Jay Leal

Chief Information Officer, Vantage Bank Texas, McAllen, TX – Client Since 2005

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