Legacy Rewards

Legacy Rewards Program: Discounts for Repeat Business.

Our Legacy Rewards Program allows existing U.S. financial institution clients who have ordered a policy or job description template within the last three years from the current date to obtain a special discount on a new order placed directly with BankPolicies.com by agreeing to pay by check or ACH via our invoice during the online checkout process.  A valid U.S. financial institution e-mail address must be used when placing an order to ensure that the following discount level thresholds are applied:

  • 10% Discount: Purchased 5-14 Templates*
  • 25% Discount: Purchased 15-24 Templates*
  • 50% Discount: Purchased 25+ Templates*

*Form Templates are not eligible for Legacy Rewards Discounts.

As an example, a U.S. financial institution client who has ordered three policy or job description templates within the last three years from today places an order for two new policy templates.  Rather than paying full price, our U.S. financial institution client receives a 10% discount on their new order since they reached the required number of templates (5) for that level of discount.

This is just one small way how we can help demonstrate our commitment to you and your organization's success by providing over 500 of the industry's finest specialized document template solutions that are available for automatic download while helping you watch your bottom line.  Clients just like you have come to appreciate over the years our expedient personalized service, in addition to the selection and quality of our products, to ensure that you experience a meaningful and long lasting relationship with us.  We look forward to your business, and appreciate the opportunity to serve you now and for many years to come.

Free updates for one year.

Ensure your policy templates purchased from BankPolicies.com are always up to date.  Our annual Product Update Protection Plan enables you to automatically receive an updated version from us every time they are revised via e-mail within one year from the last date of purchase.

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