Commercial Loan (CML) Policy - $375.00


The purpose of this Commercial Loan (CML) Policy Template is to address commercial loan products, underwriting, and related lending operations of a bank, credit union, or other type of financial institution. In general, the primary purpose of an organization’s commercial lending operations is to generate income while serving the credit needs of all creditworthy businesses within its geographic area by maintaining an effective loan policy and underwriting standards, in conjunction with sound loan administration by its officers and lending personnel, in order to achieve a healthy loan portfolio.

Table of Contents

Purpose and Contents - Topic 1
Policy Statement - Topic 2
Definitions - Topic 3
Risk Management – Topic 4
Responsibility - Topic 5
General Credit Underwriting Guidelines - Topic 6
Short Term Loans - Topic 7
Revolving Lines of Credit - Topic 8
Asset Based Loans and Formula Lines of Credit - Topic 9
Term Loans - Topic 10
Professional Loans - Topic 11
Flooring Lines of Credit - Topic 12
Indirect Dealer Loans - Topic 13
Letters of Credit - Topic 14
Participation Loans - Topic 15
Unsecured Loans - Topic 16
Savings/TCD Secured Loans - Topic 17
Stock and Bond Secured Loans - Topic 18
Small Business Administration Loans - Topic 19
Small Business Lending Fund Program Loans - Topic 20
Title Company Loans - Topic 21
Faith Based Organization Loans - Topic 22
Native American Tribal Lending - Topic 23
Agricultural Loans - Topic 24
Leveraged Financing - Topic 25
Business and Industry Guaranteed Loan Program - Topic 26
Oil and Gas Industry Loans - Topic 27
Lease Financing - Topic 28
Marketplace Loan Program - Topic 29
Audit Policy - Topic 30
Staff Training - Topic 31
Retention of Documentation - Topic 32

Includes the following form templates:
Commercial Loan Action Plan and Status Report (2 pages)
Loan Presentation Form - Commercial (8 pages)

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02/16/16 Update
FDIC Supervisory Insights – Winter 2015
12/01/15 Update
OCC Bulletin 2015-39 - Revised Floor Plan Lending Booklet

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