Regulation CC Policy


The purpose of this Regulation CC Policy Template is to address how a bank, credit union, or other type of financial institution adheres to Regulation CC – “Expedited Funds Availability Act” (EFAA).  See more information about this product below.

Regulation CC Policy

The purpose of this Regulation CC Policy Template is to address how a bank, credit union, or other type of financial institution adheres to Regulation CC – “Expedited Funds Availability Act” (EFAA).

Table of Contents

  • Purpose and Contents – Topic 1
  • Policy Statement – Topic 2
  • Definitions – Topic 3
  • Audit Policy – Topic 4
  • Staff Training – Topic 5
  • Retention of Documentation – Topic 6

Subpart B – Availability of Funds and Disclosure of Funds Availability Policies

  • Next Day Availability – Topic 1
  • Availability Schedule – Topic 2
  • Exceptions – Topic 3
  • Payment of Interest – Topic 4
  • General Disclosure Requirements – Topic 5
  • Specific Availability Policy Disclosure – Topic 6
  • Additional Disclosure Requirements – Topic 7
  • Miscellaneous – Topic 8
  • Relation to State Law – Topic 9
  • Civil Liability – Topic 10

Subpart C – Collection of Checks

  • Electronic Checks and Electronic Information – Topic 1
  • Paying Bank’s Responsibility for Return of Checks and Notices of Nonpayment – Topic 2
  • Returning Bank’s Responsibility for Return of Checks – Topic 3
  • Depository Bank’s Responsibility for Returned Checks and Notice of Nonpayment – Topic 4
  • Warranties and Indemnities – Topic 5
  • Indorsements – Topic 6
  • Presentment and Issuance of Checks – Topic 7
  • Variation by Agreement – Topic 8
  • Liability – Topic 9
  • lnsolvency of Bank – Topic 10
  • Effect of Merger Transaction – Topic 11
  • Relation to State Law – Topic 12
  • Exclusions – Topic 13

Subpart D – Substitute Checks

  • General Provisions Governing Substitute Checks – Topic 1
  • Substitute Check Warranties – Topic 2
  • Substitute Check Indemnity – Topic 3
  • Expedited Recredit for Consumers – Topic 4
  • Expedited Recredit for Banks – Topic 5
  • Liability – Topic 6
  • Consumer Awareness – Topic 7
  • Mode of Delivery of Information – Topic 8
  • Relation to Other Law – Topic 9
  • Variation by Agreement – Topic 10

Includes the following form templates:
Regulation CC Model Forms (21 pages)
Regulation CC Substitute Check Affidavit Packet (4 pages)

Recent updates to this product:
07/01/20 Update
Deletion of Guidance Prior to 07/01/20 Effective Date
09/03/19 Update
Federal Reserve – Final Rule to Correct Errors to Amendatory Instructions to Regulation CC
08/01/19 Update
Joint Press Release – Agencies Issue Final Amendments to Regulation CC Regarding Funds Availability
10/01/18 Update
Federal Reserve Board Approves Final Amendments to Liability Provisions of Regulation CC
07/02/18 Update
Deletion of Guidance Prior to 07/01/18 Effective Date

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