Loan Grading and Review Policy - $175.00


The purpose of this Loan Grading and Review Policy Template is to address the requirements of a bank, credit union, or other type of financial institution to assign appropriate loan grades to effectively rate the overall strength of its loan portfolio, and to implement a timely, independent and accurate evaluation and formal loan review process of all loans.

Table of Contents

Purpose and Contents - Topic 1
Policy Statement - Topic 2
Loan Grading Policy Statement
Loan Review Policy Statement
Exceptions to Policy
Credit Administration and Committee Responsibilities - Topic 3
Credit Administration
Directors' Loan Committee
Special Assets Committee
Loan Grading System - Topic 4
Loan Risk Grade Categories
Upgrade Procedures
Downgrade Procedures
Split Grade Procedures
Automated Credit Scoring - Topic 5
Credit Scoring Guidelines and Methodology
Exceptions to Underwriting Decisions and Override Authority
Model Documentation
Model Management and Tracking
Program Reporting
Loan Officer Responsibilities - Topic 6
Supporting Information
Guarantees and Third Party Support
Terms and Documentation
Other Considerations
Credit File Availability
Loan Review System - Topic 7
Secondary Review and Credit Denial
Quality Control and Assurance
Loan Review Scope
Other Factors and Conditions
Qualifications of Loan Review Personnel Standards
Independence of Loan Review Standards
Frequency of Review Standards
Review of Findings and Follow Up Standards
Internal Loan Review
Credit Review Examination Report Requirements

Recent updates to this product:
01/02/18 Update
Inclusion of Automated Credit Scoring Guidance

This Loan Grading and Review Policy Template (approximately 32 pages) is available to purchase from in Microsoft® Word format for $175.00.

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